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While airline safety has seen continuous improvements over the years, the airline industry cannot provide one hundred percent safety to it's passengers. Any time a complex machine is traveling at a high rate of speed, there is some element of danger, even if that element is quite small. While various safety devices have been installed in aircraft in the past, and in fact are required by regulation, there has never been any requirement for emergency parachute equipment to be provided on board for aircraft passengers. In the past, most parachutes tended to be relatively bulky and heavy, and the placement of an emergency parachute within the passenger cabin on an airplane was impractical, due to the reduction of payload and interior cabin space volume. However, the parachute industry has seen significant advancements in emergency parachutes in the relatively recent past. Many emergency parachutes are now capable of supporting persons of significant weight and withstanding opening shocks at relatively high velocities, all while conforming to a back pack configuration having a thickness of only two inches, and a weight of less than 8 pounds. Among all means of transportation, airplane travel is still the safest! Nevertheless, SeatChute provides a response to many potentially disastrous situations in aviation.

Are you ready for the worst? 
Hurricane shutters, sandbags, and flashlights might be the first things that come to mind when you think about preparing for natural disasters. But for businesses, disaster prep is a lot more complicated...and often costly.
Here's a look at 12 products and services that Inc. has reviewed in the past, and that are designed to keep your business running smoothly if catastrophe strikes.‚Äč

Patented Design


SeatChute is the only aircraft seat and office chair in the world that safely protects and efficiently stores an emergency escape parachute within a specially configured cavity within any seat back structure.

Our innovative patented storage system incorporates a fully functional FAA-TSO approved emergency parachute which is stored safely, securely and out of sight within a specially configured cavity of each seat back structure. The removable seat back upholstery panel provides comfortable protection and concealment of the emergency parachute during normal use and operation. If emergency presents itself, simply pull down on the upper tabs attached to the removable seat back upholstery panel. The FAA-TSO approved emergency parachute will then be exposed allowing the individual the option to escape the aircraft or building proactively. Remove the parachute from our thoughtfully constructed seat back structure, and put it on! For your safety and security, we include an easy to attach, twenty (20) foot static line which will automatically deploy the parachute for you. Just attach the static line, jump and enjoy the successful escape SeatChute provided!

Until SeatChute, an emergency escape parachute was not logistically possible due to space and storage limitations. However, recent technological advancements in parachute manufacturing has enabled SeatChute to design a system that will not take up any additional space, in an aircraft or building, due to its positioning within any existing seat back structure. If disaster occurs, SeatChute is your Plan A!